Power & Utilities

SmartMeasurement™ has a number successful flow measurement applications in the power generation industries. Our ALSONIC-DSP family of non-intrusive ultrasonic flowmeters has been used for flow rate measurement of  non-conductive plant feed water while the portable ALSONIC-DSPPL ultrasonic flowmeters have been used for maintenance spot checking applications. SmartMeasurement™’s ALMAGWP electromagnetic flow meters are used in cooling water, heat exchangers and plant water intake systems.  The ATMF series thermal mass flow meters are used to measure combustion air to boilers, stack gas monitoring for pollution control requirements, and natural gas and biogas measurement in plant wastewater applications.  The ALVT vortex flow meter family is used to measure steam and vapors throughout the power plants. SmartMeasurement™ provides a one-stop shop for all flow metering requirements in the utility power generation industries.

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