Pulp & Paper

SmartMeasurement™’s products have been used successfully in a variety of flow measurement applications in the Pulp and Paper industries. The SmartMeasurement™ ALMAGWC all-ceramic magnetic flow meters are used in highly abrasive slurries, while the standard ALMAGWP series meters are used for any conductive liquids including water and Lime mud, Liquid additives such as dyes, bleaches, water, and diluted powdered- in-water.  The ATMF series thermal mass flow meters are used to measure flows of natural gas used for fuel in burners as well as air/fuel balancing applications.  Any liquids with low conductivity which cannot be measured with magnetic flow meters as well as high viscosity fluids are an excellent candidate for the SmartMeasurement™ ALCM Coriolis mass flow meters. SmartMeasurement™ provides a one-stop shop for all flow metering requirements in the pulp and Paper industries.

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