Water & Wastewater

SmartMeasurement™’s products have been used in a variety of flow measurement applications in the Water and Wastewater industry. SmartMeasurement™’s ALMAGWP electromagnetic flow meters have been successfully used to measure wastewater sludge and raw water while the ALSONIC family of ultrasonic flow meters have been used for similar applications where customers are able to sacrifice the higher accuracy of electromagnetic flow meters to gain the non-intrusive nature and portability of the ALSONIC family of ultrasonic flow meters. The ALMAGIS insertion magnetic flowmeter combined with a level transmitter can be used for open channel sludge and effluent system applications.  For open channel applications with relatively clean liquids, the ALSONIC-AVM open channel ultrasonic flow meters are the instrument of choice.

The ATMF series thermal mass flow meters are used in biogases, aeration, and combustion air systems as well as fuel gas monitoring in boilers systems. In methanol and additive applications, the SmartMeasurement™ ALCM Coriolis mass flow meter has been used with success. SmartMeasurement™ provides a one-stop shop for all flow metering requirements in the water and wastewater industries.

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